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Prestige Limo is a top-rated Limo service provider that has been serving the residents of West Alabama since 2009. We are a family owned company that offers timely and exceptional limo services based on your taste and budget. We will take care of your transportation as you sit back and enjoy the prestige of our unique, classy ride.


Whether you want a ride in a Cadillac XTS-L, Chevrolet Suburban, or our GMC Yukon XL, talk to us. We have a wide range of executive limos that are full of state-of-the-art technology and are well maintained. We have the right limo for all your occasions and the best part… We will treat you like royalty!


We only employ trained, experienced, and licensed drivers for all our limos. From your pick up to the time we finally drop you off after the occasion, you will be our responsibility. Make your wedding, anniversary, concert, game day or your black tie event memorable by having an executive ride.


Do not just dress to impress… ride to impress as well! We offer prestige limo services 24/7 and you have no reason to miss your occasion. Our uniformed chauffeurs will ensure that you arrive in style and provide executive treatment throughout the journey.

Make your Reservation with Prestige Limo today and we will ensure that your arrive in style! Weather its a wedding, graduation ceremony or any other special occasion, we will be delighted to help you choose a package that works for you! We look forward to bringing your dream moment to reality!



This Ford Excursion prestige limo is a true reflection of class and convenience. It has a 14-seating capacity and will be ideal for corporate functions, sporting events, game days, or sports events. If you plan to give your family a treat out of town, this is a perfect prestige limo for you.

Your privileges

  • VIP seating
  • Strobe lights
  • Leather seats
  • Fiber Optics
  • 17 inches TV/DVD

Cost: $125/hour for a minimum of 3 hours.

Our Lincoln Royale Stretch prestige limo is a great option if you want luxury. If you will be attending an occasion as a group of 8 this is a perfect choice.

Call us today and our uniformed chauffeur will get you to your destination on time. Your wedding, anniversary, concert, game day or a business trip will be exceptional.

Your ride in this exquisite ride will cost $105/hour for a minimum of 3 hours.

Is it time to go on that corporate trip and arrive in style? Book our new Chevrolet Suburban prestige limo. Whether you are a group of 7 or less, our professional chauffeur will get you to your destination in style.

Your privileges

  • Access to Bluetooth
  • Heated seats
  • Communication system for emergency purposes
  • MP3 decoder powered by Bluetooth
  • Panic alarm
  • Overhead airbags
  • Codeless phone connectivity
  • AM/FM satellite radio

Cost: $75/hours for a minimum of 2 hours.

This 14-seater prestige limo is a classy ride that will not just make you feel like loyalty but is also very safe. The limo has a starlight headliner made of stainless steel.

Your privileges

  • Rear VIP section
  • Several LCD TVs
  • Hi-tech sound system
  • Official chauffeur
  • Four air conditioning units
  • Maximum of 14 passengers

Cost: $150/hours for a minimum of 3 hours.

If you want everything else to stand still on arrival, this is prestige limo is the way to go. You can choose this for your wedding or for that road trip with your 14 friends. Looking at the interior, you will definitely love every second of your journey.

Your privileges

  • Personal chauffeur.
  • Soft beverages.
  • LCD TV with multiple colors.
  • VIP seating at the rear.
  • 4 air conditioning system.
  • Classy sound system.
  • 14 guests capacity.

Cost per hour: $150 for a maximum of 3 hours.

This award-winning prestige limo is also a part of our selection and is a favorite of many of our customers. With an extra legroom and longer rear doors in this prestige limo, you will definitely get all the attention.

Your privileges

  • Maximum of 4 passengers
  • Laptop worktable
  • DVD player
  • Leather seats
  • Sun shades on the rear window
  • Complimentary newspaper
  • Official chauffeur
  • AM/FM satellite radio

Cost: $62.50/ hour for a minimum of 2 hours.

Get to your destination in style and innovation with this executive Mercedes Benz Splinter. It will be a great choice if you are a group of 12. The prestige limo also has a wide storage area and the rear sitting area is awesome!

Your privileges

  • A 3-point seat belt and a headrest for each seat
  • 270° rear door opening
  • Padded armrest
  • Tinted rear windows
  • A backup camera on the rear section
  • USB ports for your convenience
  • Emergency exits

Cost: $95/hour for a minimum of 2 hours.

If you are traveling as a group of 7, the GMC Yukon XL is perfect for you. This limo is an all-wheel drive which will mean it can access any location. The black color will make you feel like royalty on your wedding, business, game day or anniversary trip.

Your privileges

  • Ventilation duct with a fan control
  • Leather seats
  • Plenty of room for all your stuff

Cost: $75/hour for a maximum of 2 hours.


Why Use Our Prestige Limo Service

Prestige Limo Service in Tuscaloosa is your ideal partner whenever you need a loyal, classy ride. We take delight in being the right answer whenever you need a prestigious limo.
To make this possible, we keep our doors open 24/7 and our chauffeurs are always ready to make your ride special.



It’s finally your big day! With all the excitement and planning around your wedding, you want to make sure you arrive in style! Make it a memorable day by choosing one of our classy rides accompanied with a designated chauffeur to take care of all your needs!



To express just how important that business trip is, book one of our prestigious limos. You will be glad that you did!
Whether its a team building night out or a get together at a fancy restaurant, make sure you arrive in style. We can help ensure your corporate event is high class and sophisticated!

Enjoy free soft drinks and snacks on the way to your destination. The bar comes equipped with sodas, ice, glasses, and snacks. Adults may bring their own adult beverages. All of our limousines are non-smoking.



When you need to attend that special occasion, allow our chauffeur to pick you up and drop you off. You will not have to reserve a designated driver when our chauffeurs are on standby. The girl’s night will be amazing when you have an official chauffeur and a classy prestigious limo to yourself.


There is no limit to what our Prestige Limo Service can offer. All you have to do is to make that call and together, we will choose the right prestige limo for you. Our prices are affordable and you will be able to choose a package that fits your budget.

Whether you are traveling as a group or an individual, we have the right prestige limo for you. Your safety is our priority which is why we keep our limos in great condition. Prestige Limo Service will ensure that you leave a lasting impression on that special event.


Our Packages

14 passenger Hummer H2 Black

(3 hour minimum)
3 hours ($450.00)
Hourly Rate $150

14 passenger Hummer H2 White

(3 hour minimum)
3 hours ($450.00)
Hourly Rate $150

12 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

(2 hour minimum)
2 Hourly rate $95

6 passenger White Yukon XL

(3 hour minimum)
3 hours ($210.00)
Hourly Rate $75.00

4 passenger Black Cadillac DTS Sedan Executive L Series

(2 hour minimum)
3 hours ($165.00)
Hourly Rate $62.50

4 passenger Black Cadillac Executive Sedan

(2 hour minimum)
3 hours ($165.00)
Hourly Rate $62.50

8 passenger White Lincoln Limo

(3 hour minimum)
3 hours ($315.00)
Hourly Rate $105.00

14 Passenger White Ford Excursion SUV

(3 hour minimum)
3 hours ($375.00)
Hourly Rate $125.00


(3 hour minimum) 
Executive Sedan $62.50/hr
8 passenger Lincoln Limo $105.00/hr.
14 passenger Excursion SUV $125.00/hr
14 passenger Hummer H2 $150.00/hr.

Red Carpet Service
“Just Married” on rear


(6 hour minimum)
14 passenger Black Hummer H2  $150.00/hr.

14 passenger White Hummer H2  $150.00/hr.
12 passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter $95.00/hr.
6 passenger White Yukon XL $75.00/hr.
4 passenger Black Cadillac DTS Sedan Executive L Series $62.50/hr.
4 passenger Cadillac Executive Sedan $62.50/hr
8 passenger White Lincoln Limo $105.00/hr.
14 Passenger Excursion SUV $125.00/hr

Airport Transportation

(Flat Rate)
Executive Sedan –$125.00
6 passenger Yukon XL $150.00

Shuttle Service - Tuscaloosa and Northport area

Sedan:  $62.50/hr.
​SUV:  $75/hr.




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